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Our Price Beat Guarantee Promotion (PBG)

During this promotional period, a select number of models are advertised and covered by our Price Beat Guarantee (PBG).

Subject to the T&C of this promotion, if you find a cheaper price on any model that we offer PBG on, we will not only match it but beat it by a further 5%

  1. The product must be marked on our website to be subject to PBG Promotion. (We are only offering PBG on select models)
  2. We only offer PBG on Brand New stock (Not applicable on Seconds, carton damaged, display models etc)
  3. We offer PBG against identical products, must have the same model number, 100% match including colour, size and options
  4. Our PBG only applies if the product is advertised for sale at any legitimate online stores (See exclusion stores). We do not PBG against products available for in store purchase or Pickup.
  5. The offer must be advertised on an approved retailer’s website. We do not PBG on products listed on Ebay, Amazon, Catch, Mydeals or any other Market places  
  6. We do not PBG where the product is listed includes rebates, Cash Backs, Gifts, Discount Codes or Coupon offers or if marked as Clearance item
  7. The product must be available for ordering online and available for delivery to your postcode
  8. Our PBG is on an Apples for Apples price comparison, we will take into consideration the retailer's shipping charges, Payment surcharges & Transit Insurance fees when offering PBG
  9. We do not offer Price Match or BPG on promotions that have ended. At the time you request for BPG, the product must be available for purchase at the price
  10. The product must be in Stock and available for immediate dispatch (Not applicable to Available to order, Pre-Orders, back orders or out of stock)
  11. Our PBG is limited to quantity of 1 unit per person per product during the promotion period.
  12. We do offer PBG on other site’s price listing errors. The price on offer must be intentional and verifiable to be valid by the advertising retailer if requested.
  13. You may not request more than 1 PBG per model during the promotion period.
  14. We do not offer PBG on commercial orders, Special orders or personalized quotes
  15. Promotion can end anytime without notice. The promotion is considered terminated once the offer is removed

If you find a product that meets the above T&C, please email the link to info@buysmarte.com.au and request for a Price Beat Discount Code. if the offer is valid in accordance to our T&Cs then we will provide you a one time discount voucher to purchase the product from Buy Smarte at that price less 5%.  The offer will be valid till midnight of that day only.

Before you request for PBG, please make sure that you have read our T&C above and you are ready to purchase the product from our website as the offer will expire the same day it is issued and only 1 PBG is available to you. The offer cannot be extended or requested again on that model.  


Exclusion Online Sites:

Countdown Deals, Factory Plus, P&S Electronics


Expired Promotions:

Qantas Frequent Flyer (April 2019 Promotion )

For a limited time Buy Smarte is offering it's customers Qantas Frequent Flyer Points on a select number of products.

Qantas FFP is only applicable to products clearly marked participating in the promotion. Check each product to find out how many points you qualify for.

This offer starts on all orders placed online from the 20th of April, 2019 and expires on the 30th of April, 2019 or sooner if total allocated points is exhusted.

Customers are required to enter their Frequent Flyer membership number on the product before adding to the Cart. Points are only awarded on completed transaction where full payment has been made and product has been delivered.

Points are not transferable to another member. Points can only be transferred to the member that places the order and holds the product warranty. Customers who are not a member can join Qantas Frequent Flyer within 30 days and still receive the points. Points cannot be exchanged for Further Discount.  

Please allow up to 30 days for Qantas Points earned to appear in your Qantas Frequent Flyer account.