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*Cash Back Promotion on selected TCL AI-IN UHD TVs – Valid from 1st June – 31st July 2019.

Buy Smarte Instant CashBack Promotion


Customers are entitled to receive instant CashBack as discount applied to the price of the product at Checkout during the promotion.

Cashbacks vary from $50 up to $1000 depending on the product.

Each Product participating in this promotion is clearly marked to have a Cashback amount.

Limits apply to the number of products that can be purchased with CashBacks per Customer. 

Buy Smarte reserves the right to:

  • vary the Cashback on any product at anytime without notice
  • Include New models to the Promotion
  • Exclude models from the promotion
  • End the Promotion completely without notice
  • Change product prices participating in the promotion at any time without notice
  • Not honor another promotion in conjunction with the CashBack Promotion

Promotion extended to:14/08/2019 or earlier if Promotion allocated budget is exhusted

Bonus Prepaid Mastercard Promotion (PROMOTION EXPIRED)

Promotion period: From 10th of July (9am)- Offer ends 20/07/2019 

Offer Value: $50-$1000 (Depending on Model)

Limit Per Customer: $1000 Max claim per customer and/or order

Models participating in the promotion are clearly marked with the Bonus and corresponding values.

The Promotor reserves the right to:

  • Exclude models from the promotion or vary the Gift Card value without notice (Will affect future orders only)
  • Include models to the promotion without notice (Will not be offered to customers who have already purchased the model prior to change)
  • End the promotion completely at an earlier date than planned if the promotion is oversubscribed
  • Extend the promotion past the planned end date if the promotion is undersubscribed or promotion budget is increased

Orders subject to the Bonus are marked with the Bonus value, please refer to your online order confirmation issued via email

Customers do not have to take any further action besides making a purchase to receive their Bonus offer.

The Bonus is issued as a virtual card, a physical card will not be issued.

The Bonus is issued to the customer making the purchase, not the receiver of the product. For avoidance of doubt, the bonus is issued to the person whose name is on the Tax Invoice

Bonus is processed and issued within 3-6 weeks from the purchase date.

All refunds, returns and change of product will require the reurn of the gift card or deduction of the value of the gift card against the refund.

The prompter will not accept responsibility for customers losing their gift card details, not receiving the email containing their gift card details or misuse of the card post issuance.

Product prices are subject to change during the promotion

CHIQ PROMOTION, 5 Year Warranty on Select Models


*Cash Back Promotion on selected TCL AI-IN UHD TVs – Valid from 1st June – 31st July 2019.

Expired Promotions:

Qantas Frequent Flyer (April 2019 Promotion )

For a limited time Buy Smarte is offering it's customers Qantas Frequent Flyer Points on a select number of products.

Qantas FFP is only applicable to products clearly marked participating in the promotion. Check each product to find out how many points you qualify for.

This offer starts on all orders placed online from the 20th of April, 2019 and expires on the 30th of April, 2019 or sooner if total allocated points is exhusted.

Customers are required to enter their Frequent Flyer membership number on the product before adding to the Cart. Points are only awarded on completed transaction where full payment has been made and product has been delivered.

Points are not transferable to another member. Points can only be transferred to the member that places the order and holds the product warranty. Customers who are not a member can join Qantas Frequent Flyer within 30 days and still receive the points. Points cannot be exchanged for Further Discount.  

Please allow up to 30 days for Qantas Points earned to appear in your Qantas Frequent Flyer account.